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Hello world,

Waiting for my dearest twin to contact me has lead to a spontaneous event. An event that I hope will lead to something fruitful. Whether that’s making constant contact with fellow bloggers nationally and intentionally or working to obtain the title of “World’s Most Amazing Blogger,” or somehow acquiring a small fan base, let me say I will be most grateful and in an euphoric state.

My name is Felecia. That’s with two e’s and one i and sadly without the presence of a  “p” or “y.”  I am an artist in a world of music, art, and literary creations.  I intend to make this a blog of sights. To show my viewers a world that can be seen only through my eyes. While we may share similar views and sights, every event is special and specific to the beholder.

Anything dealing with the arts and at times politics. That’s my objective. I welcome visitors from all spectrum and value the opinions of others. I hope we can all converse freely and with an open mind.