While I was reading a Japanese graphic novel, one of the character made  a comment that struck an philosophical nerve.

                       He said, “How easy it is for children to honestly express themselves.” 

He was brooding over his lack of ability to be honest with himself concerning his feelings about a young woman who he closely interacted with on a daily basis.  We might think that this type of problem is irrelevant to us as Americans, but I earnestly believe that every adult — young and old — reach a point in their life where they lose the ability to honestly express themselves concerning many factors  that make up the poetic motion of life. 

I am most certainly not completely and solely honest about all things in life and I have not yet met many who are…but like the character in the novel, I do believe that most children have the innate ability or rather innocence to verbally convey their feelings indecipherable as it may be — it is something to be valued.

These days, it seems as though values are steadily declining and honesty is becoming a distant fad.  This may not be prevalent in other cultures, but it’s a growing continuity in the U.S. 

Still I am optimistic. While many may not express themselves honestly — I feel that many of us still value the idea of honest, honor, truth — and that’s what matters. That’s what makes the difference. 



While I was exploring the coastal beaches of Florida, I happened upon this embark in Clearwater.  I often visit different cities and habitats for inspiration in my writing or to grasp a setting a little better than relying on pure imagination. 

The wind was cool and the skies were gray. The people were scattered across the coast like Camden flowers. This little area was completely vacant, filled with a quiet solitude accompany by the anxious waves crashing against the bank. 

I inhaled; the salt air filled my lunges, sprinkles of water floating in the air softly caressed my skin. I was in a heaven that no one but myself could accessed.  It was mine and mine alone.

I was without sound or movement for about five minutes. That short time was the most therapeutic, most relaxing, and dare I say alluring span of time in my life.

Earlier this spring, I was coming home from a long week of exploring in Baltimore. In the midst of driving a terrible storm arose. I began to slow my car and adjust the thermostate in my car.

A few seconds passed and then window cleared and moments later the storm passed on. What greeted me next was a fog so thick…you could see barely a foot in front of you.

I kept driving while others pulled into a nearby rest stop. It felt like the fog would continue forever. Yet, the cloud began to part and beams of light flooded the road.

Oh you who has brought me the sun
Your beams of light make me gleam
As I brace the wind and run
With heavens’s light along the stream
Oh you who has given me hope
Let nothing drive us apart
Through the night my soul copes
As your rays help me soar

 While attending an engagement party of a close relative, one of the friends’ of the family toddler son was outside playing around among the adults and other children. They were all curious and fascinated by my cousin’s five year old Pomeranian-mixed dog.  You would think that this two year old would be so engrossed in his curiosity that the fact that his mother was leaving  (to pick up another friend) would not bother him so much. Yet, as soon as she started walking, he was right behind her. 

Now he’s where the awe and wonder comes in. She told him to stay with the kids and play and she would be back.  He stared at her and rubbed his eyes, but where most kids would normally cry, this tiny tot bit back his tears and held his head high.  I was simply amazed and moved by such bravery and show of will power to do as his mother had instructed.  We, as teenagers, young adults, or even adults are so quick to vocally or emotionally express our disdain or dislike for things, but in a young soul barely old enough to talk has outwardly displayed a life lesson…being patient and learning to obediently wait without complaint.

Now, his mother, normally a strict woman was so touched she brought him alive.  Relief flooded the young toddler’s eyes along with his rivers of tears.  I hope that I too can return to such a state, where simple things as being with family and friends will bring a tide of relief and joy to my heart and eyes.

There is nothing more enduring than pure fellowship among friends and family on Easter

     While driving from my hometown to Baltimore, I witnessed a remarkable sight. It was during the wee hours of the morning, probably about 4am. I was weary and lacking in sleep. However, I was determine to witness daybreak while in the inner lining of the mountains. By the time 5am rolled around, I was bouncing in my seat to techno music trying to stay awake. I intended to pull over and rest after the breaking of the dawn. Finally, at 5:30, light began peeping through the clouds. At 5:45, orange and red begin to explode like a sweeping fire across the sky. It was remarkable! The mountains as its back dropped made me truly appreciate my surrounds and the blessing of being able to live in such a place where I could see such a sight.   It brought about a poem.

“Oh, how I long for the colors of your gownIt’s red hues and orange sashes draping about.
Oh, how lovely, your most elegant crown”
Light blues with wispy pearls of a cloudy white
If only I could adorn you with purple silk
And place your throne upon the rolling hills
So that all could see your golden tresses
Complimenting your tone of smooth white milk
Floating about from dawn to dusk
Fading back into the night until the next morning light

Love in the Richness of Chocolate

There’s nothing like a day where you can express your feelings through a molding of a heart to someone you care about and love.

Hello world,

Waiting for my dearest twin to contact me has lead to a spontaneous event. An event that I hope will lead to something fruitful. Whether that’s making constant contact with fellow bloggers nationally and intentionally or working to obtain the title of “World’s Most Amazing Blogger,” or somehow acquiring a small fan base, let me say I will be most grateful and in an euphoric state.

My name is Felecia. That’s with two e’s and one i and sadly without the presence of a  “p” or “y.”  I am an artist in a world of music, art, and literary creations.  I intend to make this a blog of sights. To show my viewers a world that can be seen only through my eyes. While we may share similar views and sights, every event is special and specific to the beholder.

Anything dealing with the arts and at times politics. That’s my objective. I welcome visitors from all spectrum and value the opinions of others. I hope we can all converse freely and with an open mind.