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One evening after work, I made way to the downtown fresh market to prepare for a dinner party I was having the next day.

I went in armed with my list to keep me from going astray and a small tote to carry my spoils back to my cute little chevy.

As someone that likes to think of themselves as a helpful person, I have often asked God to give me an opportunity to be an extention of His kindness…and yet often times when it came I’m usually lost in the throngs of my own worries and problems.

But on this particular day, my mind was clear and set for the upcoming event.

Unfortunately, after getting the bulk of my goods, I began to browse around and it was at that time I met a woman whose husband had hurt his back and was unable to accompany her to buy groceries.

Since they were relatively new to town and starting over they had no transportation. She told me she had asked 6 different people for help and 6 people denied her.

By the time she reached me she was almost desperate. I agreed to her. I didn’t get any bad feeling and she seemed genuine. I know a lot of you right now are thinking, “Yeah they always seem genuine at first.” Well she was!

When we approached the counter she turned around and bought all of my grocery as a thank you for my kindness. I was floored!

We exchanged contact and I saw her safely home.

My point in this is that not everyone is a thief or murderer or have evil intention. At one point in time, this nation was about helping not getting; giving not obtaining. Wicked people usually are those who at some point were hurt or misguided in life.

My goal is to be a blessing and a positive encounter to people regardless of what I may be going through.

What about you? Have you extended kindness today? ūüôā


While I was reading a Japanese graphic novel, one of the character made  a comment that struck an philosophical nerve.

                       He said, “How easy it is for children to honestly express themselves.” 

He was brooding over his lack of ability to be honest with himself concerning his feelings about a young woman who he closely interacted with on a daily basis.  We might think that this type of problem is irrelevant to us as Americans, but I earnestly believe that every adult — young and old — reach a point in their life where they lose the ability to honestly express themselves concerning many factors  that make up the poetic motion of life. 

I am most certainly not completely and solely honest about all things in life and I have not yet met many who are…but like the character in the novel, I do believe that most children have the innate ability or rather innocence to verbally convey their feelings indecipherable as it may be — it is something to be valued.

These days, it seems as though values are steadily declining and honesty is becoming a distant fad.  This may not be prevalent in other cultures, but it’s a growing continuity in the U.S. 

Still I am optimistic. While many may not express themselves honestly — I feel that many of us still value the idea of honest, honor, truth — and that’s what matters. That’s what makes the difference. 

¬†While attending an engagement party of a close relative, one of the friends’ of the family toddler son was outside playing around among the adults and other children. They were all curious and fascinated by my cousin’s five year old Pomeranian-mixed dog.¬† You would think that this two year old would be so engrossed in his curiosity that the fact that his mother was leaving¬† (to pick up another friend) would not bother him so much. Yet, as soon as she started walking, he was right behind her.¬†

Now he’s where the awe and wonder comes in. She told him to stay with the kids and play and she would be back.¬† He stared at her and rubbed his eyes, but where most kids would normally cry, this tiny tot bit back his tears and held his head high.¬† I was simply amazed and moved by such bravery and show of will power to do as his mother had instructed.¬† We, as teenagers, young adults, or even adults are so quick to vocally or emotionally express our disdain or dislike for things, but in a young soul barely old enough to talk has outwardly displayed a life lesson…being patient and learning to obediently wait without complaint.

Now, his mother, normally a strict woman was so touched she brought him alive.¬† Relief flooded the young toddler’s eyes along with his rivers of tears.¬† I hope that I too can return to such a state, where simple things as being with family and friends will bring a tide of relief and joy to my heart and eyes.