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How wondrous you are, o fair Moon
Your shining light woos me near
The star lights warn me of eminent doom
But they see not, the flames within me sears

Though my eyes see evidence of your ill will charms
My heart flutters without reason or calm
and has brought my peers to great alarm
But you, o Moon are my soothing psalm

Free me o’ lovely Moon from your luminous gaze
Though my friends proclaim your light insidious and fake
It is worthy of all my love and praise
Even if my heart be poisoned or staked

Time drifts as I come nearer
Your light fades, my mind clearer
The darkness surrounds you is far queerer
As the shade around seems a mirror

My family calls and I look away
The rosy illusion has become ashen gray
I watch in envy as they drift away
The rumors of love becomes foul play

Your face becomes clear as does your light
Simply reflecting, holding your blight
My time has ended, your rocks draw near
As the last of my love becomes a solitary tear

I hope you enjoy this poem. I wrote it as a illusive translation of some riveting events that’s recently occurred in and around my life.

Sometime you just never know which light is real and which is fake.

(shooting star photo and prompt from Carpe Diem Haiku Kai)